Kammi and Michael’s Wedding. Maplehurst Farm, Mount Vernon WA

As I sit here drinking an amazing cup of organic lavender camomile tea, trying to work out what I wanted to say about this GORGEOUS wedding…

I came across this quote: “Being in a long marriage is a little like that nice cup of coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) every morning – I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.” – Stephen Gaines 

Okay, so I added the tea and hot chocolate part but I find this so true. I enjoy and LOVE being married. I know Kaami and Michael feel this way and I’m confident they always will. Marriage is a gift, I pray you’ll always enjoy it!
2014-10-28_0012 2014-10-28_0018 Mt Vernon WA Wedding Skagit wedding photographer 2014-10-28_0014 2014-10-28_0035 2014-10-28_00132014-10-28_0036Mt Vernon Wedding Photographer carmylee photography 2014-10-28_0019 2014-10-28_0025 2014-10-28_0027 skagit valley wedding 2014-10-28_0028 2014-10-28_0023 2014-10-28_0033 2014-10-28_0031 2014-10-28_0011Venue: Maplehurst Farm, Flowers: Enchanted Florist, Cake: Xtra Special Cakes, Dress: Zac Posen, Make up: Jilladair, Hair: Carolyn Nicholis, Robes: Etsy

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