To all the Mothers…

Being a Mother is the hardest job I’ve ever had. It’s also the best one. I know I’m not the first person to ever say that, but I wholeheartedly mean it. I’ve never prayed as hard or as fervently since the morning I found out I was pregnant. It truly is like I have four pieces of heart living outside my body. It hurts when they hurt. They all sleep through the night these days, but sometimes their hurts keep me awake. Turning my worry into prayer at 2am is not uncommon.

I keep a journal (if you don’t, you should) in it I record all the good things, sweet things my kids say or do. I make a point of writing in it on the bad days, to make myself remember that good things DID happen that day and I thank God for them.

Two of my kids are adopted. At their adoptions I promised to love them like I gave birth to them. I REALLY do. I had a little girls come up to me one day and say “Does he know you aren’t his real mama?”  I answered “But I am his real mama, he didn’t come out of my belly but I love him and care for him just like he did”. She was happy with my answer and ran off to play.

Being a Mother is a gift. One I’m so very grateful for, even at 2am.

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