Chehade Family

I love spending time with this family. Melissa has become a really good friend, Mic is a fellow Aussie AND they have gorgeous kids! Not to mention that we met our spouses the same year at summer camps and our daughters (my youngest) were born a week apart. Meet the Chehade family, I think they’re […]

The (my) Parker Family

Technically,  I’m not part for this family but I love them like my own. You’ll never meet a family as loving, caring and as dependable as this one. I’m so very grateful for my Parker family and I miss them terribly! I couldn’t help but include this photo… I sure do love this little girl!

Kids, Cousins and a little bit of Country.

“I get kissed by the sun Each morning Put my feet on a hardwood floor I get to hear my children laughing Down the hall through the Bedroom door Sometimes I sit on my Front porch swing Just soaking up the day I think to myself, I think to myself This world is a beautiful […]

Celebrating a Century.

 In the last hundred years our world has changed. We can jump on a plane and travel the world, we can get in our cars and ask our cell phones for directions. We  have the internet and access to almost endless information. People fly into space. We can see and talk to loved ones around […]